Test Shoots with Don

Here are answers to the questions you’ll probably ask.

* You can book a test shoot using the link at the bottom of the page.


How Soon will I Get my Images?

Within 24 hours of the shoot, Don will share all of the unedited images from the shoot to an online gallery.

You can view and download the images from the online gallery in medium resolution JPEG format for free.

Gifty1281 6.JPG

How Many Edited images Do I Get?

Don will edit the images he wants to use for his own portfolio, and share those edited images with everyone involved with the shoot for free.

You can request images for Don to edit at a discount of his normal retouching rate.

You can request unedited full-resolution RAW images and take care of edits on your own. These images will be provided to you for free.

_DSC0526 1.jpg

What do you charge for Edits?

My normal rate for retouching is $40 per image. When we do a test shoot together, you can request edits for up to 4 photos at $25 per image.

Beyond 4 images, the normal rate applies.

Important Note: The discounted retouching rate is only available within 30 days of the shoot.


Ready to Go?

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